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The NHS COVID-19 app


Please click on the links below to access more information about the NHS COVID-19 app.

Public Health England - Advice for Parents and Carers on when a child needs a Covid-19 test:

September 2020 - Return to School:


We are really excited to welcome all our children and families back to Applecroft in September and have some great learning planned. All children will be working in their new year group classrooms and the school will operate 'year group bubbles'.


Mrs Withe wrote to all families in July and late August about our plans for September. Please find the letters below:

For the latest information from the Government for parents/carers about your child's return to school please click here.


For help and advice from Hertfordshire County Council about your child's return to school please click here.
For 'Travelling to School Advice and Guidance' click here

First Aid - What will Mrs Coe and Mrs Willliams look like?


Our staff have the necessary PPE available to them however for most incidents in school they will only be wearing the mask or shield.


Please don't worry, although they look different, they are still the same wonderful Mrs Coe and Mrs Williams that you all know and they can't wait for you to return to school. 

Mrs Coe
Mrs Coe with wearing a mask and apron
Mrs Coe wearing a mask, apron and shield
Mrs Willilams
Mrs Williams wearing a mask and apron
Mrs Williams wearing a mask, apron and shield











June 2020 - What does your bubble look like?

Bubble 1 - Nursery
Bubble 2 - Da Vinci
Bubble 3 - Reception Kandinsky
Bubble 4 - Small Hall
Bubble 5 - Small Hall
Bubble 6 - Year 2 Goldsworthy
Bubble 7 - Year 1 Miro
Bubble 8 - Year 1 O'Keeffe
Bubble 9 - Year 3 Van Gogh
Bubble 10 - Year 3 Hepworth
Bubble 12 - Year 5 Hockney
Bubble 13 - Year 5 Gormley
Bubble 14 - Year 6 Moore
Bubble 15 - Year 6 Warhol
Bubble 16 - ICT Suite