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Applecroft. It’s a word that lasts a lifetime.

Our pupils at Applecroft are global citizens of the future, with dreams we take care to listen to. They have a strong voice. As young adults they’ll emerge in a decade facing vastly different ways of living and working. While they're here, we aim to inspire and equip them to unleash their potential.
Inclusion is at the heart of what we do, valuing everyone and inspiring them through a vast range of learning opportunities. Inspirational and exciting, their challenging school experiences encourage them to follow our motto, ‘Striving to Excel’
With babies arriving in our Children’s Centre to grandparents applauding our Christmas show, we're reminded of the opportunity the Applecroft School community enjoys: preparing our pupils for a lifetime.
That’s the challenge that inspires staff and parents here to keep learning too.

“It is an exciting place to learn with creative approaches to our learning. We hold numerous special events including arts weeks, sports days, year group assemblies and eagerly anticipated residential trips which include Kingswood, York and PGL.” Y6 Pupils

“If you are lucky enough to come to this great school you will be encouraged and supported by our excellent teachers who will push you to achieve your potential.” Y6 Pupils


“The school provides great opportunities for the children to really use their imagination and decide how they want to work, involving both pupils and parents.” Parent


“It is the best school in Welwyn Garden City.” Y6 Pupil


Applecroft converted to academy status on 1st March 2012.


Applecroft’s School Aims.

To be an inclusive school, valuing everyone and providing opportunities to fulfil each individual’s potential.

To provide a broad and balanced curriculum that explores knowledge, nourishes creativity and encourages independence.

To encourage happy, confident, learning for life.

To provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment in which everyone can feel happy and cared for.

We respect and value each other, our environment and ourselves.

We aim for Applecroft to be a diverse, active, committed, all inclusive, happy community both within and beyond the school.

To be a self-evaluating school.

British Values

Curriculum Statement

Welhat DSPL