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Attendance & Punctuality

Here's a little reminder about attendance and why it's so important

At Applecroft School we aim for all children to have attendance rates between 96-100% each academic year. This is considered good - excellent attendance.


  • Children who attend school are more connected to their community and develop stronger social skills and friendships, which are important in life 
  • Continuity of learning makes progress and retention easier
  • Good attendance at school is not just valuable - it's essential. It's linked directly to improved exam performance, which in turn leads to further learning opportunities and better career prospects
  • Improved performance in school tasks


Attendance Expectations


What YOU must do:

Telephone or email the school before 8.30am each day of your child’s absence.

Tell the school in advance, of any medical appointments and bring in appointment cards/letters.

If you are not sure whether your child is well enough to attend school, send them in anyway as they often perk up on arrival.

Have a backup plan for if your child misses transport, call on a family member, neighbour or friend.

If you and your child are experiencing difficulties with school attendance then talk to us as a first step so we can help!


What WE will do:

Check your child’s attendance every day.

Phone home to discuss your child’s attendance with you.

Invite you into school for attendance meetings if we are concerned.

If we cannot establish a reason for absence, then we may make a welfare home visit

Refer to our Local Attendance Authority Officer if we have unresolved attendance and punctuality concerns.



For more information please see our school's Attendance Policy.



If your child arrives late to school - their learning suffers. Please remember:

Gates open at 8:30am and close at 8:45am

Our school day begins at 8:45am




* It's a foundation for positive patterns for the future

* Punctuality leads to good attendance

* It allows your child to settle calmly into the school day

* It sets your child (and you!) off to a good start!



* It's embarrassing for your child to walk into class late and disruptive for those already settled and learning

* Your child may feel confused as they have missed important information and instruction about the day ahead

* Academic performance is impacted

* Lateness creates an unsettled and disruptive start to the day



How can Applecroft parents/carers help their child succeed?

* Send your child in every day

* Ensure they arrive punctually

* Encourage your child to be interested in school life

* Attend events and open days

* Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest

* Let your child know how important their education is


What can you do if you struggle to get your child to school on time?

* Talk to your child

* Talk to school

* Ask for help – it’s better to get help early on, before little problems become bigger problems - we're here to help!

Latest Guidance for parents and carers:


Department for Education - Guidance for parents on how to seek support with attendance challenges.


NHS Guidance - 'Is My Child Too Ill For School?' guidance on whether your child should attend school or not.