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Attendance & Punctuality

Here's a little reminder about attendance and why it's so important

At Applecroft School we aim for all children to have attendance rates between 96-100% each academic year. This is considered good - excellent attendance.


  • Children who attend school are more connected to their community and develop stronger social skills and friendships, which are important in life 
  • Continuity of learning makes progress and retention easier
  • Good attendance at school is not just valuable - it's essential. It's linked directly to improved exam performance, which in turn leads to further learning opportunities and better career prospects
  • Improved performance in school tasks


For more information please see our school's Attendance Policy.



If your child arrives late to school - their learning suffers. Please remember:

Gates open at 8:30am and close at 8:45am

Our school day begins at 8:45am




* It's a foundation for positive patterns for the future

* Punctuality leads to good attendance

* It allows your child to settle calmly into the school day

* It sets your child (and you!) off to a good start!



* It's embarrassing for your child to walk into class late and disruptive for those already settled and learning

* Your child may feel confused as they have missed important information and instruction about the day ahead

* Academic performance is impacted

* Lateness creates an unsettled and disruptive start to the day



How can Applecroft parents/carers help their child succeed?

* Send your child in every day

* Ensure they arrive punctually

* Encourage your child to be interested in school life

* Attend events and open days

* Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest

* Let your child know how important their education is


What can you do if you struggle to get your child to school on time?

* Talk to your child

* Talk to school

* Ask for help – it’s better to get help early on, before little problems become bigger problems - we're here to help!

Latest Guidance for parents and carers:


Department for Education - Guidance for parents on how to seek support with attendance challenges