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Who's Who

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT):

Mrs Sharon Boulton

Mrs Odette Coe

Mrs Sian Gardiner

Miss Rhiannon Kerry

Mrs Lisa Withe

Mr Paul Wyatt

Our Team:

Mrs Lyn Lamaison - Senior Administrator

Mrs Helen Van Hek - Administrator & Resource Assistant

Mr Ross Herbert - Administrative Assistant


Mrs Odette Coe - Finance & Business Manager

Mrs Gill Williams - Finance Assistant


Mr Corey Day - Maintenance Assistant

Mr Neil Dixon - Groundsperson

Mr Nigel Gallacher - Site Manager

Mrs Sally Hetherington - Cleaner

Mrs Sylwia Spolnicka - Cleaner

Mr Jim Thomas - Cleaner

Mr Jordan Whitchelo - Maintenance Assistant


Mr Charlie Clarke - IT Technician 


Mrs Emily Hull - Family Link Support Worker


Mrs Vikki Wake - PPA Lead 


Mrs Claire Armstrong - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Charlotte Bird - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Anita Cumberbatch - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Miss Sarah Edlin - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Debbie King - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Sarah Nolan - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Weronica O'Reilly - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Nicola Sadler - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Isabelle Sells - Midday Supervisory Assistant 

Miss Tania Sharaaz - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Miss Clare Smith - Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Donna Syrett - Lead Midday Supervisory Assistant


Mrs Carol Brett - Cover Supervisor

Miss Hannah Connolly - Cover Supervisor


Mrs Susan Elliott - Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Michelle Weller - Early Years Practitioner


Mrs Jale Apicella - Learning Support Assistant

Ms Yvette Blythe - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Deborah Bonner - Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Jane Buck - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Lissy Clark - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Buffie Dunn - Learning Support Assistant

Miss Sarah Edlin - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Jenny Field - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Stacey Flack - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Debbie King - Learning Support Assistant 

Mr James McParland - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Fiona Parnham - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Michelle Russouw - Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Rijvana Sadat - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Isabelle Sells - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Laura Slee - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Vicki Vilka - Learning Support Assistant 


Mrs Jeanne Asamoah - Year 2 Teacher 

Mr Warren Barns - Year 5 Teacher and School Led Tutoring Teacher

Mrs Sharon Boulton - Year 5 Teacher, Y4-6 Phase Leader & English Leader

Mrs Amy Brandon - Catch-Up Teacher

Mrs Natalie Clementson - Reception Teacher and Reading Leader

Mrs Polly Entwisle - Year 5 Teacher & Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Leader

Mrs Sian Gardiner - Nursery Teacher & Year Group Leader, EYFS & Y1 Phase Leader & DSL*

Mrs Juliet Keefe - Year 6 Teacher, Year Group Leader & Music Leader

Miss Hannah Kenworthy - Year 1 Teacher, Year Group Leader & Art and Design Leader

Miss Rhiannon Kerry - Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and Well-Being, Lead DSL & Designated Teacher for Children Looked After (CLA)

Miss Jade Maidman - Year 4 Teacher & joint Computing Leader

Mrs Antonia Martin-Flaven - Year 5 Teacher, Year Group Leader & Science Leader

Miss Caroline Mitchell - Year 1 Teacher and Religious Education (RE) Leader

Miss Sadie Nicholls - Year 2 Teacher, Year Group Leader & Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) Leader

Mrs Lois Ogier - Year 3 Teacher and joint Geography Leader

Miss Lucy Palmer - Year 3 Teacher and joint PE Leader

Miss Laura Roche - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Claire Rolph - Nursery and Year 5 Teacher and Design Technology (DT) Leader

Miss Hannah Stobbs - Year 1 Student Teacher

Miss Lisa Wales - Year 4 Teacher, Year Group Leader and History Leader

Miss Sarah Warner - Reception Teacher, Year Group Leader & joint Geography Leader

Mrs Lisa Withe - Headteacher, DSL* and joint Computing Leader

Mr Paul Wyatt - Deputy Head, Years 2 & 3 Phase Leader, DSL*, Maths and joint Physical Education (PE) Leader

Miss Georgia Yates - Year 6 Teacher 

DSL* = Designated Safeguarding Lead