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General Resources and Extras

General Resources and Daily Lessons

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons


These are daily lessons which can be used in addition to the weekly work we have provided. In particular our Year 6 children may want to look at the short Maths and English tasks which are specifically linked to the Year 6 National Curriculum. The children had already been taught almost everything on the Y6 curriculum prior to the end of March closure. For some these Bitesize lessons will be quick and straightforward revisiting. However for others it may be an even more useful second chance to understand and master something they were unsure of.

There are other Bitesize daily lessons available in a variety of subjects which may be part of the self-chosen activities if they interest children.

Maths: National Numeracy Challenge



Sing Up at Home has a range of singing resources that you can look at. In particular, have a go at learning the 'Water Cycle Song' as it fits in well with your recent geography learning.

I Got the Music in Me - learn the song

A message from Mrs Wake

Keeping Healthy and Happy