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Immersion days

What are immersion days?

Immersion days are a day dedicated to a particular religion and give the children the chance to immerse themselves into the religion they are studying that term. From Years 1-6, children will experience one immersion day a year and by the end of their Applecroft experience, they will have had an immersion day for each of the 6 major world religions; Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism.


What activities happen on immersion days?

Children will take part in a range of activities that enhance their understanding of the chosen religion. The children will not be made to take part in any prayer or worship. There are opportunities for parents to take part in immersion days if extra adult support is required.


Previous activities:

-Art work

-Making religious foods

-Eating particular foods associated with religion

-Meeting with religious figures/experts


-Exploring religious artefacts

-Dramatic reenactments of religious stories


Year group breakdown:

Year 1 - Hinduism

Year 2 - Christianity

Year 3 - Sikhism

Year 4 - Buddhism

Year 5 - Islam

Year 6 - Judaism