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Open Afternoons

Every term we hold an Open Afternoon where parents and families are invited into school and their child shares their 'Learning Journey' from that term with them. 


It is a wonderful afternoon and an opportunity to collectively celebrate children's success each term.


Below are photographs and comments from our latest Open Afternoons:

Below is a sample of the feedback given by parents and carers at the event:


Year 1:

'What a pleasure to come into Miro and see T's day in action. The class is full of lots of evidence of learning and feedback. T was so proud! So are we! Well done to all the teachers!'


'What a pleasure and a fantastic experience to come to class today to see what S has been doing in the school.  I can see S's improvement. Thank you so much!'


'I loved to see where my daughter spends her day. She showed me her work and talked about it with a lot of pride. She was very excited and so was I!'


'I enjoyed everything about today!!!'


Year 2:

'I find these open days very helpful to understand what my child is doing and learning about.  Thank you!'


'This is a very special classroom, thank you for letting me visit!'


'Thank you for looking after S so well!  Loved all the work she has done in her class'


'Thank you for all the effort and care'


'Thank you so much! Was so lovely to see what children are up to - lovely! Thank you again!'


'Lovely to see J's work and the improvements he's made so far in Year2'


'So lovely to see I in the classroom. Very proud of her and all of her fantastic work!'


'So nice to see the children so proud of their work'


'I am so proud to see all the work the children put in. What they do at school is outstanding. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see it all. Thank you'


'Wow! They have done so many wonderful things! Thank you for all of the opportunities you have given them!'


'It is amazing to see the diverse and exciting things you have been getting up to - from messy salads to awesome art work - you are all making great progress!'


Year 3:

'Thank you for all the support, care, guidance & love that you have shown. year 3 has been a fantastic year!'


'Thank you so much for such a fun & educational Y3. My daughter has loved it! She has learnt a lot and had fun.'


'So lovely to see the pride the children take in their work!'


'Thank you for inviting us in. Wonderful to see all the projects you've been working on this year!'


'Lovely to see how much hard work the children have done. Very impressive. So varied as well'


'Lovely to see all of Z's hard work and to have a personal tour guide to show me his classroom. Thanks'


Year 4:


'This is a great opportunity for me (Mum) to be part of my child's school life.  Very proud Mum'


'Such amazing and interesting work!  It's so nice to see how proud my son is of his work.!


'Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see all A's work. He's had a great year so far! Thank you!'


'S's has had such a lot of fun with all these amazing activities! Thank you!'


'Great to see so much interesting and exciting work'


'What a lot of interesting topics Year 4 have covered this year!'


'Thank you for helping L settle in, she is really come a long way and this is down to you and Applecroft'


Year 5:

'Hi, Thank you very much for the Open Afternoon. Always lovely to see what children are up to and working very hard - perfect!'


'Impressed with breadth of knowledge covered in class. Looking at the books I see that they have thoroughly enjoyed the class!'


'Fabulous, lovely to see all the work and happy children'.


'Thank you so much for an amazing & productive year'.


'Thank you for a brilliant year, full of so many opportunities! The Assembly was amazing!'


'Very pleased to see all effort that's been put in through the work. Thank you so much for a very productive year with lots of beautiful memories. Thank you for the care. 


'Great Work.  I enjoyed seeing the work achieved using technology but it's encouraging to see such great handwriting too.'


'LIM is great!  E is happy.  It's been great to be able to visit! Thank you!'


'So, much work!  Well done all.  It seems all subjects were explored.  Excellent!!!'


'Great to see all the work and the variety of different things they do'


'I am very happy with the progress my child is making, and the vast area of knowledge they are gaining.  Thank you so much!'


'Wonderful work and amazing teaching!'


'Fantastic afternoon, loved seeing A's work and listening to the music. Well done!'


'Lovely afternoon and such polite children!'


'Loved the concert and seeing all the work. Well done Year 5'


'It was nice to see all the children with smiley faces. Really impressed with all the good progress'


'It is great to see the progress that M has made. I enjoyed sharing her books and listening to her enthusiasm!'


Year 6:

'So lovely to see the children's work - they have been so busy! Also loved the Learning Journey as well'


'Lovely to be back in school. Really impressed with the breadth and quality of the work covered. Thank you! We will miss the Applecroft Family!'


'Beautiful, careful and interesting work. Great preparation for Year 7!'


'Great to see all their work and the comments and feedback. Good variety in curriculum. Thanks for all your hard work!'