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Year Three

Welcome to Year 3 with:


Mrs Claire Thompson - Hepworth Class Teacher (Thursday & Friday) & Year Group Leader

Mrs Lois Ogier - Hepworth/Van Gogh Class Teacher

Miss Lucy Palmer - Van Gogh Class Teacher 

Mrs Marie Reynolds - Hepworth Class Teacher (Mon, Tues & Weds) 

Mrs Debbie King - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Rijvana Sadat - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Vikki Wake - PPA Lead

Mr Adam Thomas - PPA Lead

Year 3 - Welcome Meeting - September 2021

Pictures form our trip around WGC.

Miss Wales set herself a challenge. Can you work out what song she is learning to playing? What challenge have you set yourself?

Still image for this video

Jack and the Beanstalk by Cory.

Still image for this video
Cory has created an amazing shadow puppet play. He made the theatre, a number of puppets and rewritten the script for 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

How do our fingers bend?

Still image for this video
Watch this video to find out how our arm muscles work our fingers! Amazing reporting from Year 3.

While you are at home, we will update this page weekly with activities and challenges to keep you occupied. Don't forget to check for Mrs Withe's weekly challenges too. 


We hope you enjoy them!

Skipping Challenge

Dear Year 3,


All the adults in Year 3 hope that you have had a relaxing and happy Easter break. We have been very lucky with the weather which has allowed us the opportunity for many walks, cycle rides and other forms of exercise locally. I have spotted a number of you walking/scooting or riding around school whilst I was in last week. I really enjoyed speaking to a few children and parents too. I hope to be able to speak to all of you over the coming weeks. It would be lovely to share some photos of our walks and any work or activities we have done at home. I will start us off with a photo I took on Saturday on a cycle ride near my home.


School really is not the same without you all here. We miss you very much and can’t wait for us all to be back together.

In the section below you will find your home learning tasks for the week, there is plenty to keep you busy, but remember to work at your own pace. First look at the Timetable document. This will give you access to all the resources that are not linked in the Resource Section below by clicking on the web links. It would be great if you got the chance to dip into all of the subjects, but we understand that this might not be possible. 


We would love to see photos of any finished work. I will be uploading a selection onto our web page as often as possible, so do keep checking in to see how your friends have been spending their time.


As always, stay safe and healthy,


With very best wishes,

Miss Wales, Mr Robson and the Year 3 team.


Year 3 photos of view whilst exercising.

Summer Week 1 Timetable of Activities 20th - 24th April.

Ideas for Easter Holidays

Week 2 home learning ideas

The Iron Man - Chapter 2

Good morning all,
I hope the first few days of working from home have been good. I have heard from a number of you, sharing your daily activities or a photo or two. They are all really pleasing to see. 
Library opportunity online
If you would like more opportunities to read, there is a free app called Borrow Box which allows you access to an online library of books.  If your child has a library card, they can borrow audio books and ebooks for free. All you have to do is follow this link  then choose your local library. You will need to put in your library card details when prompted and provide an email address for the books to be sent to. 
Happy reading!
Story Challenge!
Hepworth class will already know about our story challenge. Over the past month the children of Hepworth have been writing stories in their free time and bringing them in to share with the class. Any story written has then taken pride of place in our Hepworth Story Collection folder. We were going to create a contents page, blub, illustrate the stories and front cover etc. 
Even though we are apart, this can still continue. We will open this up to all Van Gogh students too! Any stories you send me I will collate and create an online Year 3 collection. I will look into which software would be best to allow all our children to see and read the new stories as they are added. 
So get your creative hats on. A good story needs:
  • An exciting plot (story line)
  • Interesting characters
  • An interesting/appropriate setting (where the action takes place) 
You will also need to:
  • Check your grammar and punctuation (don't forget your . CL , ' ? ! "") 
    • Try to remember to go back and edit your work as we did in class with our purple polish pens.
  • Change your sentences
    •  change the starter, so your sentences do not all start with the person or Then...  Try beginning with an adjective, adverb, verb
    • Write longer sentences for more description and short snappy ones to change the paces of the story (the best writers use a mixture of the two)
I have attached bellow a really good power point which explains how to write well in KS2, specifically looking at writing stories, and it breaks the writing down into sections on creating a plot, characters, settings etc. I would advise the children use this to help them with their writing. 
I wish you all well and hope you enjoy writing stories. 
I look forward to reading them!
As always, please contact me if you are unsure of anything. 
Best wishes,
Miss Wales 

Writing in KS2 - Stories

Monday 23rd March

Dear Parents / Carers and children of Hepworth and Van Gogh,


I hope the past couple of days have been okay for you and your families! I hope everyone is well. Over the next few weeks we will begin to adjust to this new type of normal. We are all thinking of you all the time – don’t forget to stay in touch via the Year 3 email address To begin with, Mr Robson and I will be a bit like a tag team. He is working in school this week with those children who need to be in, whilst I am working at home,  updating the website with resources for those children at home, answering any questions you or your parents have and supporting you the best I can. Next week we will swap around, so Mr Robson will support online and I will support in school.


Please be aware that we are not teaching in school in the normal way, merely offering essential childcare for the people directly involved in the response and allowing them to access the same resources as those working at home, so please do not worry that you are missing out on anything. I would like to emphasis to the children working at home, please do not feel that we do not want you in class or that other children are considered more special than you. That is not the case. We would love to have you all here, but for your loved ones, your community and your safety is best that we stay apart. The children who are coming into school are doing so, so that their parents can go out to work to support the country at this difficult time. Their parents may be working in hospitals with the sick, delivering food to the supermarket so we can all eat, or like me, coming into school to make sure the children of those adults have a safe place to be whilst they go to work. Even though you are at home, we are still thinking of you. We are also working on a few ideas to help you feel closer to us and more connected, so we will let you know more when they’re finalised.


Below is the timetable you could follow if you wish to. You do NOT have to stick to this timetable! I just wanted to provide structure if required. Feel free to create your own learning timetable as best suites your family’s needs, for example, you may only do one or two lessons a day, or you may be working on a project over a few hours or days. There is no requirement to use this at all! Remember you also have the learning packs which were sent home last week,feel free to dip in and out of this as you choose, you can work from it in any order. 


The Spring Overview document is the best one for suggestions for other areas of the curriculum, but again do not feel limited – there are so many amazing projects you could do. I will be adding to ideas for projects to the website as time goes on and as more resources become available – this is a new area for all of us and we are all in this together.


Many thanks for your on-going support, remember that we are missing you, stay safe and well and at home!


Looking forward to your emails!

Lots of kindness,


Miss Wales and Mr Robson

Distance learning tasks for week of 23.03.20

 Miss Wales, Mr Robson and the Year 3 team would like to welcome you to this page.


To stay healthy in the coming weeks, keep working on school work to keep your skills ticking over, and hopefully learn new things, I would suggest organising your day or week in advance. Make sure you get up at a good time (before 9am!), get dressed, eat breakfast, complete any chores/jobs expected of you and SMILE! 😁


Arrange your day carefully, making sure you read for 25 minutes a day (at least) πŸ“š, practise your cursive handwritingπŸ–‹, times tables βœ–βž—, spellings πŸ”€and get outside/be active πŸƒβ™€οΈπŸšΆβ™‚οΈ (walking the dog, Daily Mile, GoNoodle, kids' HIIT workouts on YouTube, etc). I will set English πŸ’œ and Maths πŸ’› tasks, which you can access here or via email and other bits and pieces will be available too. I will be on the end of my email if you have any questions for me.


Try not to be anxious about everything going on in the world πŸ’ž- maybe start a journal πŸ—“ where you can jot down or draw positive things from your days at home? Make sure you speak πŸ’¬ to your family and friends every day and talk about anything that's worrying you...a problem shared becomes less of a problem!


Take this time to do things you don't often have time or energy for: cooking πŸ‘©πŸ³πŸ‘¨πŸ³, playing board games 🎲 or card games ♦♥♣♠, practising a musical instrument 🎢, gardening 🌼, learning a new craft 🧡, writing letters or postcards to family members πŸ“, drawing pictures for people 🎨, learning to tell the time πŸ•ž...the list is endless!

Mrs F, Mrs A, Mrs F, Mr R, Mrs S, Mrs B and I will be thinking about you all every day and can't wait for things to get back to normal, where I'm moaning at you to use your working indoor voice or to underline DUMTUMS and use a ruler. πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ₯°


Lots of love, Miss Wales πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—



Please scroll down for some activities and challenges to keep you active and stop you from being bored!

Scroll down further to find web links, guidance and further activities. 

We hope you enjoy them. 

Hepworth working hard on the allotment.