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Year 6 Summer Term w/c 01.06.20

Weekly Update 29th May 2020

Dear All,

We hope you have had a restful half term.

It is very exciting that Y6 have now been invited back to school! As you know, 6 Warhol will be in school on Mondays and Tuesdays and 6 Moore will be in on Thursdays and Fridays. From Monday 1st June, we will be working with a combination of online lessons in Google Classroom and lessons in school.

By Monday morning you will have been provided with all the login details for G Suite; the children will need to log in and join the Year 6 classroom for an introduction at 9.30 am or 1.30 pm on Monday 1st June. Further details will then follow.

Well done and thank you to everyone who has completed and sent us their Nile project, Environment Poem or Egyptian work. There are some super pieces of work on the website for you all to see, so do have a look. Please continue to send us any finished work that you would like us to see and, of course, any photos of your learning at home.

From next week, all work will be set only via Google Classroom, but for this week you will find the following on the school website.

Maths: BODMAS worksheet

English/Egyptian Mummification: Write a set of instructions

Art/DT: We would like you to start your Hat project, which is something that we always do at the end of year 6. The first stage is creating a mood board.

Science: Revision of a number of topics including adaptation, materials and the human body.

Music: Have a look at the BBC Ten Pieces lesson.

            You could also continue to learn the song ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’.

Dance: Continue learning the 1920s Charleston dance from the tutorials that we posted a few weeks ago

You will find all the resources you need in the subpage for 1st June on the website.

With best wishes

The Year Six Team




The order of operations is very important. Using BODMAS, complete the calculations on the worksheet. Remember to do what is inside the brackets first, then do the division/multiplication before the addition/subtraction.

Some of you might have used BIDMAS as well, which is exactly the same but reminds you to do the indices (I) before the four operations.


O=order of operation





Ancient Egypt - Mummification


The Ancient Egyptians had special rituals when people died. One of these was mummification. You can find out more about this by reading the powerpoint presentation here and using the weblink to the British Museum for a virtual tour of their galleries. There is also a game to play to test your understanding of the process of mummification. Once you have done this have a go at the task on the final slide of the powerpoint to write a set of instructions for how to make a mummy. 


The final activity is just for fun (and some practical science) - have a go at mummifying a piece of fruit!

Art/DT: Habitat Hats Stage 1

Look at the PowerPoint and start thinking about the first stage of your hat-making project: creating a mood board. You will need to collect lots of different materials that you find outside or in the house, make some sketches and do some research online.

Science: Revision

Look at the sample SATs Science paper and work through the questions. We will discuss them in a future Google Classroom lesson.

Music and Dance

Music: Have a look at the BBC Ten Pieces lesson for week 6.

It fits in nicely with the idea of creating a mood board to inspire the creation of a piece of art or music. It also teaches you some sculptural techniques that you could use in your hat design.

You could also continue to learn the song ‘I Got the Music in Me’.


Dance: Continue learning the 1920s Charleston dance from the tutorials that we posted a few weeks ago.