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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Content and Approach:

From Nursery classes to Year 6 pupils will:  


  • follow a coherent and systematic study of the principal religion of Christianity across each key stage 
  • be introduced to the other five principal religions represented in Great Britain by the end of key stage 2
  • experience immersion days, special visitors and trips



EYFSChildren will encounter Christianity along with religions and beliefs represented in the class, school or local community. Religious Education will support a growing sense of the child’s awareness of self, their own community and their place within this. .
KS1Across Key Stage One the children will study Christianity along with Buddhism and Hinduism in Year 1 and Islam and Judaism in Year 2. 

In Years 3-6 children will study Christianity along with 2 other religions in depth as follows

Year 3 - Sikhism & Humanism

Year 4 – Buddhism & Hinduism

Year 5 – Islam & Judaism

Year 6 – Sikhism & Humanism