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The Applecroft Adventure


The Applecroft Adventure:


The Applecroft Adventure was introduced in September 2019 having been created by all staff and children during the 2018-2019 academic year. The Learning Council worked with their individual classes to identify the life experiences that we believe ALL children should have the opportunity to take part in. Each member of the Learning Council brought their class's list and work began to identify a whole school 'adventure'.

From September 2019, the activities listed will be incorporated into the children's curriculum map for their relevant year group. 



Jump in puddles

Visit the Park

Make a mud pie

Watch a chick hatch

Visit Father Christmas

Play pooh sticks

Any Year Group:

Build a snowman

Have a snowball fight

Catch a snowflake on your nose

Represent your school at an event

Year 1

Kick autumn leaves and make leaf piles

Smell a flower 

Bake cakes and lick the spoon

Visit a Farm

Take part in an egg and spoon race

Build a home for an animal 

Bring up a butterfly

Ride a bike


Visit the library

Go to a pantomime

Plant it, grow it, eat it

Have your work published in a book

Broadcast on the radio

Run a mile

Perform on the stage

Have your work displayed in an exhibition

Sing like no one is listening

Take part in an awards ceremony

Learn to play an instrument

Learn to cook

Year 2

Make a daisy chain and grass trumpet

Fly a kite

Take part in a sack race 

Follow animal tracks

Pick Fruit

Smell a flower

Visit a zoo

Hunt for bugs

Year 3

Build a den

Explore a cave

Discover what is in a pond

Paddle in the sea, jump a wave and skim a stone

Build a sand castle

Look after an animal

Catch a fish with a net


Connect across the generations

Run your own company 

Learn how to type


Year 4

Camp/sleep out in the open air and star gaze

Toast a marshmallow on a camp fire 

Watch a film on the big screen

Climb/roll down a hill

Visit a museum

Write and record your own song

Dance like no one is watching

Year 5

Hunt for fossils


Find your way with a map and a compass

Star in your own film


Visit an Art Gallery 

Learn how to save a life

Year 6

Climb a tree

Go to the theatre

Rock climb

Learn how to type

Travel on a lake

Fly down a zip wire

Build a raft