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Welcome to Computing at Applecroft

Computing is an integral part of everyday modern life – the skills, knowledge and thinking methods gained through high-quality engagement with this subject will have a great impact on our childrens' futures. As such, at Applecroft we aim to equip all students with the practical and creative abilities to design, produce and evaluate across all areas of computing science and information technology, as well as becoming digitally literate across all subjects and areas of school life. We aim for children to understand how computing can enhance all areas of learning, and be empowered to develop their individual talents through a range of enrichment opportunities; sharing these achievements with the wider community whilst ensuring they can negotiate these safely and responsibly. Through computing, Applecroft will enable every child to become confident, independent and responsible users of technology, not just to embrace a thriving and fulfilling future, but to lead in our ever advancing technological world.

Whole School Computing Road Map

Computing In Action in the Early Years

Computing at Home

Many of us have very quickly improved our technological skills recently in order to continue working and stay in touch with loved ones - so what a perfect time to get our pupil's creativity flowing! Please involve your children in areas of your life where technology is now at the forefront (where possible!) - explain why we are using particular software and apps, what the benefits are of certain features and also how we still need to be careful and responsible online. Let's celebrate how important technology has become and how much scope there is for new ideas!


Please find below a range of resources which can support your child's development in computational thinking at home - some with a device, many without - have a look at some 'unplugged' ideas to engage with as a family, such as playing Twister, doing a jigsaw, following a recipe - all of these involve sequences and algorithms:


Without a device:


With a device:

Purple Mash – Entire Computing section (All pupils already have a log in) 

Code4Life (Years 4, 5 and 6 already have log ins) 

Interactive learning games from barefoot Computing

What is Computing Science - KS1?  

What is Computing Science - KS2?

What is Digital Literacy - KS1?  

What is Digital Literacy - KS2? 

What is Information Technology - KS1? 

What is Information Technology - KS2?   


If you have a BBC Micro:Bit  

The Raspberry Pi Foundation set weekly challenges

Hour of Code

First Lego League Competition, Coding Club, Digital Leaders, Crumble kits and Safer Internet Day 2020

First Lego League Competition