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R.E. & Art

For centuries, religion and art have been closely intertwined. People’s faith has motivated them to create something beautiful – whether that is a piece of music, painting, sculpture, poetry or architecture – as a way of expressing their own feelings about God, or helping others to connect with God. At Applecroft, we believe showing our knowledge of other's beliefs through art is a great expression of understanding. It also gives our pupils the opportunity to express themselves creatively, which is not always easily done through writing.


Spirited Arts competition

Art can be found within many religions and beliefs, through symbols, paintings, stained glass windows and celebrations. NATRE (National Association for Teachers of Religious Education) run an annual 'Spirited Arts' competition, that allow schools to express their knowledge and understanding of RE through the arts. Throughout the year, Applecroft will be producing different pieces of art work to submit to this competition at the end of the school year.