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The Leader in Me

Applecroft School was one of the very first school's in the UK to embrace the 'Leader In Me' and embed it within our school community to further develop the personal development of the whole Applecroft family.



What is the 'Leader In Me'?

The 'Leader In Me' is a whole school transformational process designed to teach 21st century life and leadership skills to children creating a culture of child leadership based on the paradigm that every child can be a leader. The high quality personal development provides children with personal and practical skills which enable them to make positive life choices.


The 'Leader In Me' is a school process based on the world-famous '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey. The 7 Habits is a synthesis of universal and timeless principles of personal and interpersonal leadership including responsibility, vision, integrity, teamwork, collaboration and renewal; common to all people and cultures.


Applecroft School believes that every child has greatness, every child is capable and every child is a leader; this belief aligns with the paradigms central to the 'Leader In Me' which are:




What are the 7 Habits?

The 7 Habits are summarised on the following image of a tree. All habits work together to produce a healthy tree. The first 3 habits (the roots) are focused on 'the self', these have to be in place to fully embrace the following habits. Habits 4-6 (the trunk) are focused on working 'with others' and habit 7 is about finding balance and time for renewal to ensure the (whole) tree remains healthy. 



What does each habit mean?


Habit 1: Be Proactive – “I am in Charge of Me"


I am a responsible person.

I take initiative.

I choose my actions, attitudes and moods.

I don’t blame others for my wrong actions.

I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking.

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind – “Have a Plan”


I plan ahead and set goals.

I do things that have meaning and make a difference.

I am an important part of my classroom and contribute to my schools vision and look for ways to be a good citizen.

Habit 3: Put First things first – “Work First, Then Play”


I spend my time on things that are most important.

This means I say no to things I know I shouldn’t do.

I set goals, make a plan and follow it.

I am disciplined and organised.

Habit 4: Think Win-Win – “Anyone can Win”


I balance working towards getting what I want with consideration for what others want.

When there are disagreements I look for a solution where we can all be satisfied.

Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood -

“Listen before you talk”


I listen to other people’s ideas and feelings.

I try and see things from their point of view.

I listen without interrupting.

I am confident in voicing my ideas.

I look people in the eyes when talking to them.

Habit 6: Synergise – “Together is Better”


I value other people’s strengths and learn from them.

I get along well with others, even people who are different to me.

I work well in groups.

I ask for other people’s ideas on how to solve problems because I know working as a team gets better results than working alone.

Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw – “Balance Feels Best”


I take care of my body by eating the right foods and getting the right amount of sleep.

I spend time with family and friends.

I learn in lots of ways and in lots of places, not just at school.

I take time to find ways to help others.


How Can I Learn More?

Please download 'The Leader In Me - Parents Guide' below